Apps and Links

Below are some smartphone apps and links that we recommend for reference and to make you an active citizen scientist:


Zoo Miami Download the Zoo Miami app to explore the zoo, plan your visit and serve as a guide during your next visit. You can download the app here for Android in the Google Play store or here for iOS at the iTunes store.




IveGot1 Are you aware of the invasive species that are invading Florida? You can be on the front lines helping scientists and agencies protect the environment by reporting invasive animals and plants that you see by using the easy to use IveGot1 app to report them as you see them. Download the app for your smartphone here.



Almost everyone in Miami loves seafood. But, did you know that your choices in restaurants and grocery stores effect the pressures and exploitation of our world’s fisheries? The Monterey Bay Aquarium has developed the Seafood Watch app to help you make responsible choices that don’t negatively impact our natural resources when you make your purchases. Download the app here and start making better choices.


gt-app Have you seen a gopher tortoise or its burrow? You can help the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by using their new app to snap a pic and report sightings. Download the Gopher Tortoise app here and help biologists map out Florida’s populations.